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Pros from consumers to producers

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Made in Block

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Designed for all types of supply chains, from simple to complex, Made in Block promotes quality, safety, and blockchain traceability through supply chain data displayed in the innovative digital laberl, towards the Digital Product Passport.

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Agrifood supply chain data management and enhancement

AgriOpenData is the powerful software designed to optimize and enhance agricultural products. With its Digital Product Passport tailored to the specific needs of the sector, AgriOpenData can seamlessly integrate with agricultural product traceability systems. By ensuring product originality, quality, and safety, AgriOpenData highlights the excellence of local food.


Wine Blockchain

Digital expertise, from vine to wine

Wine Blockchain offers a dedicated solution for the wine industry, ensuring the origin and environmental labeling of wine, from grape to glass. Created to develop the world’s first case of winery traceability, Wine Blockchain enables control of wine supply chain by transforming it into a digital experience. By leveraging blockchain technology, Wine Blockchain enhances consumer trust through transparent supply chain data notarized in blockchain and displayed in a digital label, towards the introduction of the Digital Product Passport.

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Our team will design and develop a white label platform that seamlessly integrates with your business management system.

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All-in-one platform to monitor, manage and promote your supply chain

We gather data to achieve your goals and automate their collection in the suitable platform. Sources can be management systems used or the entire production plant.

Using smart contracts, tokenization and blockchain, we make data immutable by tracing the entire supply chain to ensure efficiency and transparency in all processes. Thanks to our partnerships, you can request a certifying body to validate your statements.

Conquer consumers and build data-driven trust through the digital label, accessible by scanning a unique QR Code or NFC tag on the product.

Value stems from information transparency. Let the product tell its story through data: this is how it becomes a brand ambassador, guaranteeing origin, quality and safety.

Attract consumers who prioritize reliable products of environmentally friendly companies. Employ CO₂ traceability to provide the evidence they demand, compelling them to purchase your product.

The right decisions come from in-depth analyses that are now even easier thanks to our platforms. Discover real-time charts on consumers’ preferences to optimize your strategy.

No need to switch platforms: our solutions can be implemented with Web3, digital twin, NFT, metaverse and AI.

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Through our platforms, we have undertaken specialized projects in various domains to address specific challenges and foster transparency, protection, and value creation.