Supply chain traceability

Transparency and trust: how blockchain revolutionizes supply chain traceability


Tracing the supply chain means piecing together a product’s history and identity

By organizing and documenting the stages of the production process using blockchain and sharing the relevant information within the Digital Product Passport, supply chain traceability evolves into a valuable asset for businesses, products, and consumers.

All-in-one platform for blockchain traceability… and much more

Our team of experts will support you throughout the entire project.

Versatile and efficient, our Made in Block platform adapts to business needs, facilitating product traceability and process automation.

From small to large enterprises, organized data for any type of supply chain.

Choose valuable information and upload it to our platform manually or automatically, without increasing the team’s workload.

Automatic blockchain registration to ensure transparency, verifiability, and data traceability.

Choose what data to share with other supply chain players or with final consumers through the Digital Product Passport to increase trust in your products.

Discover your consumers’ preferences and identify new marketing opportunities.

Digital Product Passport

Promoted by the European Commission to accelerate the digital and circular transition, the Digital Product Passport enables the collection of information and certifications for any product, integrating existing business solutions.

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+10 sectors
including fashion, design, beauty, and agrifood

+100 millions
of blockchain-registered products

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