Digital Product Passport mobili

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Digital Product Passport and blockchain traceability for furniture and design

Everything you need in one place: the Digital Product Passport

ESPR Regulation will soon make the Digital Product Passport mandatory for the circulation in Europe of furniture and design products.

Unlock new marketing and communication opportunities. Start creating it now to promote the the sale of your products by demonstrating transparency, sustainability and quality.

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Passaporto digitale di prodotto design


Design and innovation: boost your products with the Digital Product Passport (DPP)

The Digital Product Passport represents a revolution for the furniture and design industry. It is an advanced digital labeling that collects and shares all relevant information about a product through a QR Code.


Choose what to share and enhance:

  • mandatory information

  • blockchain traceability

  • creativity and designers

  • craftsmanship

  • cross-selling

passaporto digitale di prodotto design
digital product passport furniture
Digital Product Passport arredo
Digital Product Passport arredo
passaporto digitale di prodotto design
supply chain blockchain


Blockchain traceability for furniture, design and decor

Supply chain traceability in the furniture and design sector increases consumer confidence and also promotes sustainable and responsible supply chains by preventing counterfeiting. The adoption of blockchain makes it possible to demonstrate transparency and quality of Made in Italy through the Digital Product Passport.


  • Supply chain management

  • Increased security of materials

  • Market differentiation

  • Authenticity and origin


Sustainability Data Management

Sustainability is about many things, but it is always communicated in the same way: with the Digital Product Passport dedicated to furniture, furnishings and design.
From reducing energy impact during production to the sustainable sourcing of the material used, all data becomes value when shared.

Demonstrate sustainability and turn it into a competitive advantage.

passaporto digitale di prodotto design


Protect consumers from counterfeiting

Provide consumers with all the means to avoid counterfeit products. With blockchain traceability and Digital Product Passport, consumers will be able to verify the authenticity of products and your company will be able to find out their preferences.


Create a unique and engaging customer experience

The Digital Product Passport opens doors for your products to a way that combines the physical and the real for a unique and immersive experience. With NFTs you create an emotional connection between consumers and your furniture or design and decor products.

Consolidate your brand reputation as an innovative and sustainable player.

Digital Product Passport mobili
Digital Product Passport arredo
Digital Product Passport furniture
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