Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Be ready for the new European regulations with Digital Product Passport, AI and blockchain traceability

New EU regulation for the Digital Product Passport

Europe is set to require the Digital Product Passports for products circulating in various sectors.

New EU regulation requiring its use, from fashion industry to all sectors

Mise endorses blockchain technology to enhance and protect products.

UN 2030 Agenda urges accelerated sustainable development for a circular economy.

All that matters in one place

Unleash the potential of your products through QR Code or NFC tag.

matasse filo tracciabilità settore tessile
labels with characteristics of digital product passport
digital label on a smartphone with supply chain of product

EZ Lab’s Digital Product Passport: why not?

Don’t miss the chance to unleash the potential of your product with AI.

+10 sectors
including fashion, design, beauty and agrifood

+100 millions
of blockchain-registered products

Build the competitive advantage your products deserve

Be prepared for the new European regulations with the Digital Product Passport

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