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Blockchain solutions for energy

Blockchain for energy production, consumption and efficiency

Projects become success stories through our collaborations with universities, certification agencies and industry partners. Through our ongoing research and development, we create blockchain solutions for energy that optimize the management of energy resources and promote sustainability.

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Soluzioni blockchain per l'energia, per verificare l'efficientamento energetico degli immobili, di edifici e impianti.


Agrivoltaics with AgriOpenData, facilitating incentives and mitigating financial risk

Simplified access to incentives and grants with the AgriOpenData platform that demonstrates agricultural activities over time. Through blockchain technology, you ensure transparency and traceability, allowing anyone to verify data on agricultural activities. With AgriOpenData you have everything you need in one platform to share the required data and mitigate financial risk.

piattaforma data management agricoltura

Photovoltaics and co-generation

Photovoltaics and cogeneration for the analysis and management of energy consumption and production

With the use of blockchain, you can monitor and track every stage of energy production and consumption. This is especially useful for ESCO contracts (Energy Service Company), where transparency is key. Blockchain makes it possible to record every energy transaction, analyze production and consumption data, and ensure that all agreements are met.


Verify environmental impact and energy efficiency with blockchain and smart contracts

Blockchain and smart contracts make it possible to record data on energy efficiency and environmental impact in real time. Through blockchain, information becomes secure, transparent and immutable. This facilitates compliance with environmental regulations and demonstrates a concrete commitment to sustainability by making energy efficiency simple and transparent.

Soluzioni blockchain per l'energia e l'efficientamento energetico per il Piano Industria 5.0


Industry 5.0 transition: energy efficiency and sustainability

Intended for businesses of all sizes, Transition 5.0 is a plan that provides eligible investments to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and adopt advanced technologies. Through blockchain technology, achievements and goals can be demonstrated.