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Digital Product Passport and blockchain traceability for cosmetics

Meet the challenge of sustainability and transparency with the Digital Product Passport

The market is changing. The ESPR Regulation will soon make the Digital Product Passport mandatory for the movement of cosmetic products in Europe. In addition, today’s consumers demand more transparency and safety regarding the cosmetic products they use. Collect all the necessary data in the Digital Product Passport to promote informed purchase and use of your products.

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Eco-beauty: sustainable and safe products

Value products that respect the environment and our skin, for a beauty routine that feels good inside and out. The uniqueness, safety and sustainability of your products can now be demonstrated with the Digital Product Passport dedicated to cosmetics.

This is how you turn sustainability into competitive advantage.

digital product passport cosmetici
digital product passport make up
digital product passport cosmetici
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blockchain traceability

Blockchain traceability of cosmetics

Increase the clarity and transparency of your products with blockchain traceability of cosmetics and help consumers discover the ingredients you use, whether they are natural, organic or sustainable. Blockchain allows consumers to have direct access to information and verify the provenance and quality of the products they buy.


  • Clarity and origin of the ingredients;
  • Transparency and trust;
  • Safety and quality;
  • Market differentiation;
  • Increased product value.


Digital Product Passport (DPP) rewards the most sustainable and transparent cosmetics

Collect all valuable information in one easily accessible place via a QR Code: the Digital Product Passport for cosmetics. With this advanced digital labeling, required by the European Union, you can unlock new marketing strategies and demonstrate the uniqueness of your product.

  • mandatory information

  • blockchain traceability

  • sustainability

  • safety

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digital product passport cosmetici
digital product passport cosmetics traceability sustainability
digital product passport cosmesi gabor
passaporto digitale di prodotto cosmesi


Help consumers choose authentic products

Consolidate your brand reputation by stopping counterfeiting. The Digital Product Passport becomes the ideal tool to enable your consumers to verify the authenticity of your product and purchase it with complete confidence.

Marketing & nft

The future of beauty routine with NFTs

Making the Digital Product Passport allows you to create a safe, transparent and sustainable world in which you can discover your consumers’ preferences and share with them tips on how to use products. All through an NFT, a digital object that demonstrates product ownership, uniqueness and authenticity.

digital product passport cosmetici
digital product passport cosmesi
digital product passport cosmesi

Safe, sustainable and Made in Italy cosmetic products with blockchain-registered quality. Read more