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Blockchain traceability, tokenization and digital label, towards the Digital Product Passport to comply with new regulations.

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Agrifood supply chain: value, sustainability and territory

The agricultural supply chain faces major challenges such as digitization, threats to products’ origin and authenticity, food safety and counterfeiting.
Thanks to our solutions, the agrifood sector is free to express its heritage around the world.


Wine &

Digital wine experience

Protect and promote one of the most appreciated products in the world.
Our blockchain & AI solutions make each bottle unique to create a digital experience that lasts beyond consumers’ last sip.

tracciabilità vino e bevande
Tracciabilità abiti sostenibili


Guaranteed sustainability, quality and authenticity of each garment

New EU regulations and requirements demand a quick response from players in the fashion supply chain.
Our digital label meets these needs by ensuring protection, transparency and quality and guiding consumers to an informed purchase. Be prepared for the introduction of Digital Product Passport.



From idea to design: protect and promote every product

The design and furniture sector requires solutions capable of tracking the entire supply chain and safeguarding intellectual property.
Our blockchain solutions protect brands and designers from copyright infringement, providing consumers a way to verify products authenticity, even in the B2B market.
Create one-of-a-kind products through NFTs and pave the way to metaverse.

tracciabilità prodotti design
sostenibilità industria 5.0


The digital twin for more efficient and transparent manufacturing

A new way of producing and consuming goods towards better efficiency, sustainability and customization begins.
With the digital twin of the entire production process, it is possible to automatize and ensure performance monitoring and predictive maintenance to optimize processes and customize products.


The value of safety and ethics in cosmetics

Beauty consumers demand guarantees in terms of anti-counterfeiting, traceability and ethics.
Our blockchain and NFT solutions notarize product quality controls, track the entire supply chain, and demonstrate compliance with ethical values and commitment to sustainability.

tracciabilità blockchain cosmesi
sostenibilità settore energetico


A greener future with blockchain

Amidst the ongoing energy revolution and the growing significance of sustainability, EZ Lab’s solutions open a new frontier for this sector, enabling the monitoring and development of new ways of producing energy such as agrivoltaics.
Through our platforms, the entire energy supply chain can be tracked from production to consumption, including measurement of energy savings and CO₂ compensations.

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