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EZ Lab X Wine & Beverage

Wine & beverage digital label with blockchain traceability

Value, authenticity and quality in one place

Create the wine and beverage digital label to offer consumers a unique experience that doesn’t end when they see the bottom of the bottle. With the Digital Product Passport you open the door to new opportunities. Through the transparency of information recorded in blockchain you enable consumers to verify the origin, quality and safety of your products.

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digital wine labeling digital product passport

EU regulations

How new EU regulations transform the digital wine label

New EU wine digital label regulations, effective March 8, 2024, include several significant changes to improve the transparency of information provided to consumers.

For some labels already printed, an extension has been granted until June 30, 2024.


Unlock new marketing opportunities with digital wine and beverage labeling

We are sure you have a lot to say about your product, so we create a digital world for you to do so and, most importantly, to give more reliability and transparency to what you say. Your product is special, and with the digital wine and beverage label you can prove it through all the data you have and want to share, such as certifications, awards, and distinguishing features.

  • Mandatory information;

  • blockchain traceability;

  • history and values;

  • cross selling;

  • anything you want to share!

SONO Just for Friends – La Cà del Nôn

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Share and enhance data through blockchain supply chain traceability: certifications, environmental label, provenance, nutritional values and company history.
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Upload the information you want to share

Maximum freedom! You decide what to tell about your product. You can upload data manually or through management software.


Generate your label and download the QR Code

Print the qr-code and update your digital label whenever you want. Your digital label will always be ready to welcome news!


Apply the QR code wherever you want!

The QR Code is perfect for physical media. Apply it to your product and create a new touch point with your consumers.

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Supply chain process in the digital product passport

Supply chain traceability

Wine and beverage traceability, even better with blockchain

It’s safer with blockchain. Consumers today are inundated with false claims about sustainability and origin. Help them choose your products by sharing all the data you want to show value, quality and traceability. Take it a step further and win over consumers through blockchain traceability that creates transparency by recording data in a secure and immutable digital repository.

  • Supply chain management and safety;;

  • safety and regulation;

  • market differentiation;

  • authenticity and origin.

Data management

You already have all the data, we help you choose and enhance it

Collect and share data in a few clicks and enjoy your digital supply chain, enhanced by your values and passion told in a compelling storytelling. You can upload data manually or from your management software, but the result remains unique and distinctive in the eyes of consumers. Value comes from the transparency of data, which can create a new trust between brand and consumer.

Right information, right decisions.

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Feel free from counterfeiting with digital wine and beverage labeling

With our blockchain solutions, your products will be safe from counterfeiting, Italian sounding, parallel markets and imitations. Thanks to the digital wine and beverage label, consumers will only need a second to find out if the product is authentic. 

NFT / token

The wine and beverage digital experience

With NFTs you create a unique and engaging experience that turns consumers into loyal buyers. NFTs revolutionize the wine and beverage industry by ensuring authenticity, traceability and safety. Open the door to a new market and enhance the value of your products.

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Etichetta digitale vino e bevande lattina nft
Etichetta digitale vino e bevande lattina
Cantine Paololeo

Origin, quality and authenticity of wine within reach of QR code with blockchain traceability.

Poggio al Tesoro

Digital Product Passport with blockchain traceability for anti-counterfeiting.

La Cà dal Non etichetta digitale
Acetaia La Ca’ Dal Non

Digital Product Passport wine and beverage to build trust with consumers through transparency.