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Food traceability and digital label with blockchain and AI

Food traceability: prove your worth 

Get ready for new regulations and gain new consumers by implementing food traceability and digital label. Towards the Digital Product Passport (DPP).



Supply chain digitization and data management

To meet the changing needs of consumers and comply with regulations, the agrifood industry must adopt innovative solutions. Select, collect, and manage existing supply chain data in a all-in-one platform embedded with your management system.

Right information leads to right decisions.

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BLOCKCHAIN traceability

Food traceability unveiled by blockchain-registered data

Consumers prioritize purchasing products that share their origin, quality, and sustainability through transparent supply chain data.

  • food chain management

  • greater food safety

  • market differentiation

  • authenticity and origin

Digital LABEL

Compliant solutions to promote your products and be prepared for the Digital Product Passport

Access transparent data in the digital albel through a QR Code.

  • mandatory information

  • blockchain food traceability

  • history and values

  • cross selling

  • other important information

Share and enhance data through blockchain supply chain traceability: certifications, environmental label, provenance, nutritional values and company history.
Una persona che scannerizza un QR Code per scoprire la tracciabilità di filiera integrata blockchain di Caffè Musetti


The product you love,
the protection it needs

Safeguard your products and the integrity of food traceability with our blockchain solutions, tackling counterfeiting, parallel markets and imitations.

NFT / token

The uniqueness of your products meets the digital realm with NFTs

Tap into the potential of NFTs to establish an emotional bond between consumers and products, enhancing their values. Provide users with an unforgettable shopping experience.

BASF – Riso Chiaro

Riso Chiaro: the first blockchain platform for rice sector.

Il progetto di tracciabilità di filiera di Alce Nero
Alce Nero

Rediscovering the value chain from farmers’ history. Learn more

Pomodoro di Pachino PGI

Blockchain traceability to fight counterfeiting and ensure origin.


Increase the transparency of semi-finished products to guarantee quality.

Olivieri 1882

Automated traceability for transparency and product enhancement.

Formaggi Zanetti

Protecting, enhancing and promoting Made in Italy dairy products with blockchain