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Generating value throughout the entire lifecycle, from design to post-sales, from blockchain to AI.

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From design to metaverse,
we turn data into value

We set the project strategy and goals to choose or develop the most suitable platform.

All valuable information gathered in a single platform, integrated with your business management system.

Value is created by leveraging transparency, immutability, and verifiability of data to prove quality, origin, safety, and sustainability.


Share information among supply chain actors to optimize its management processes.


Drive consumer engagement by utilizing transparent data in the Digital Product Passport to uncover their preferences.

Creating value, from design to post-sales

From farm, firm, supplier, source to final customer, B2B.


Validate your commitment to sustainability and differentiate yourself from greenwashing practices.


Purchase becomes an immersive digital experience.


Collect your supply chain data to maximize their value.

Preserve the integrity of your intellectual property, designs, and creativity.

Strengthen your marketing strategies and allow consumers to independently verify the claims on labels.

Benefits of choosing EZ Lab

Supply chain control

Consumers preferences


Safety and compliance


Operational efficiency


Customer loyalty