EZ Lab X Mezzaluna

Enhancing the uniqueness of hand-painted wallpaper by Mezzaluna artists.

With the Art in Rolls project, Mezzaluna creates Made in Italy wall coverings hand-painted by real artists.

Each product is a unique work that enhances spaces by combining contemporary design and high craftsmanship. The artists carefully choose each material, from decorations such as pastes, fabrics and gold leaf, to applications of 3D elements in porcelain, Murano glass, leather and metal.

Mezzaluna chose blockchain technology and advanced digital labeling to enhance the artists’ works and demonstrate the sustainability of the used materials. Now every consumer can discover in detail the entire history of the wallcovering, the certifications and the artist who created it, creating a unique and engaging customer experience.

Home with Mezzaluna's wall coverings with blockchain traceability for design.