EZ Lab X Tonin Casa

Digital Product Passport for furniture: Tonin Casa chooses EZ Lab’s blockchain traceability to enhance the value of Made in Italy

Tonin Casa, an Italian brand renowned for elegance and innovation in the furniture sector, has chosen to adopt EZ Lab’s Digital Product Passport to enhance the value of luxury Made in Italy furniture and prepare for the EU Ecodesign Regulation.

Casa con arredamento tracciato blockchain di Tonin Casa

The innovation of Tonin Casa

For over 45 years, Tonin Casa (https://www.tonincasa.it) has been creating unique designs that embody the beauty of Made in Italy handcrafting. Each product is the result of a perfect fusion of passion, craftsmanship and design. The company is promoting a new way of telling its story by adopting the Digital Product Passport integrated with blockchain traceability. Thanks to EZ Lab’s Made in Block solution. This demonstrates the security of materials, quality and authenticity of the Made in Italy production chain.

The Digital Product Passport for Luxury Furniture

We proudly present Lisa, the Tonin Casa chair that tells everything about itself, from the production phases to the safety of the materials used, through Digital Product Passport and blockchain traceability. This success story was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Tonin Casa displayed its products with QR Codes and consumers were able to find out the history of the product through a simple scan. This innovative traceability allows consumers to discover the Made in Italy production chain, guaranteeing maximum transparency and trust.

Towards the EU Ecodesign Regulation for Furniture

Thanks to EZ Lab’s Digital Product Passport, Tonin Casa further consolidates its reputation as a design brand of excellence, offering customers a unique and engaging user experience. This demonstrates its commitment to the consumer and to the European Union’s new Ecodesign Regulation, which will oblige the use of the Digital Product Passport from 2026.

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