EZ Lab X Carrera Jeans

Supply chain traceability for fashion: Carrera applies blockchain to jeans supply chain

Carrera Jeans, founded in 1965 in Verona by 3 brothers, is today a pioneer in denim production. Carrera has always been distinguished by the care taken in making products and the innovative approach of the integrated supply chain. For this, it relied on EZ Lab, which specializes in supply chain traceability for fashion and the creation of the Digital Product Passport.

The goals of supply chain traceability for fashion

Carrera has chosen to trace its supply chain with two goals that aim to demonstrate the uniqueness and added value of the brand:

  • To create a customer experience based on transparent and verifiable data;
  • win over the new generations, which are more concerned about sustainability.

Its customer experience goal is to share with customers, in a certain and transparent way, information to guarantee the quality and authenticity of its products. Its communication goal is to position itself as an innovative and cutting-edge player in the denim world by bringing the attention of new generations back to the brand. Blockchain traceability for fashion becomes a way to transform supply chain information into value recognized by consumers.

The blockchain traceability project for jeans

Carrera (www.carrerajeans.com) has chosen EZ Lab’s Made in Block platform to register with blockchain the denim supply chain: from the hand-picking of cotton on plantations in Tajikistan to its arrival in the designated store, the process is tracked and verifiable by the end customer via QR code. Through engaging storytelling in the digital label, the consumer can discover product information that, being recorded in blockchain, is immutable and transparent. Supply chain traceability for fashion will soon become mandatory in the Digital Product Passport.

Supply chain traceability for fashion and Digital Product Passport

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