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AgriOpenData is the software designed to streamline farm management and ensure traceability of your products.

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AgriOpenData is the most powerful platform for agribusiness optimization through blockchain traceability and Digital Product Passport creation.

The platform was specifically developed to provide comprehensive support to farmers and agronomists in the efficient management of herbicide and fertilizer treatments. By seamlessly integrating Open Data with real-time field information, users can make informed decisions and optimize their agricultural practices.

With the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, AgriOpenData now empowers agrifood companies to track the entire supply chain and gather certifications for agricultural products. By consolidating all relevant data in one centralized location, AgriOpenData significantly reduces the cost and time associated with information management, enabling strategic decision-making and creating substantial value for consumers.

Blockchain for food: agrifood products traceability and security with AgriOpenData

By simply scanning the QR Code on the product packaging, the consumer can verify data, sustainability, origin, authenticity of the product, and other information. Thanks to the registration of data in blockchain, a shared and immutable digital ledger, the company using AgriOpenData can demonstrate the value of its supply chain, so the consumer can trust claims on the label. With a simple click, the history of the product, as well as all the information regarding cultivation, production, processing, logistics and distribution can be discovered.

AgriOpenData is the only online platform collecting, tracking and sharing supply chain data

AgriOpenData automatically registers data in blockchain to ensure its transparency and authenticity and create a digital product passport to create value.

  1. Data collection
  2. Traceability
  3. Data sharing

Benefits of AgriOpenData

EZ Lab - AgriOpenData per la tracciabilità dei prodotti agroalimentari Made in Italy

Blockchain Traceability

Ensure quality, transparency and food safety through transparent data.

EZ Lab - AgriOpenData per la legal compliance

Comply with European Union regulations for the agrifood & wine sector.

Raccogliere in un unico posto tutte le certificazioni di prodotto

Products Features

Prove the quality of production process and compliance with production policies.

EZ Lab - AgriOpenData per la sostenibilità e l'ottimizzazione dell'utilizzo delle risorse in agricoltura

Use of Resources

Optimize resource and fertilizer use through real-time data.

Soluzioni per l'agricoltura di precisione

IoT & Precision Farming

Connect the platform to IoT systems and implement data gathered from drones and other technologies.

Transazioni sicure tra tutti gli attori della filiera agroalimentare e maggiore sicurezza contrattuale

Smart Contracts

Real-time payments among all stakeholders in the supply chain, thus reducing costs.

EZ Lab - AgriOpenData per l'integrazione degli Open Data nelle corrette attività sui campi

Open Data Integration

Leveraging data on agrifood supply chains without performing manual uploads.

EZ Lab - AgriOpenData accessibile da tutti i dispositivi, telefoni compresi

Mobile App

Leveraging data on agrifood supply chains without performing manual uploads.

EZ Lab - AgriOpenData per le compensazioni di anidride carbonica in agricoltura

CO₂ Token

Compensate your carbon dioxide consumption in a centralized way.

Learn more about the platform for the enhancement of agricultural products.

AgriOpenData per la tracciabilità dei prodotti Made in Italy

Developing software solutions to enhance agrifood products

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