Winners of the Aspire with ESA enter the Space Tech sector with SmartAgriSat platform

EZ Lab stands as the sole Italian company to secure victory in the European Space Agency’s Aspire with ESA call for proposals. Amongst the pool of over 80 global competitors, EZ Lab emerged as the triumphant winner. The SmartAgriSat project revolves around precision agriculture, utilizing the pioneering expertise of EZ Lab to harness the capabilities of space technologies and blockchain. This integration aims to optimize resource consumption, combat water wastage, and reduce CO₂ emissions.

What’s SmartAgriSat?

SmartAgriSat is an innovative online platform harnessing satellite data to assist farmers in optimizing their resource utilization while minimizing the environmental impact of their operations. This platform operates by processing images acquired from ESA satellites. By employing AI algorithms, images are meticulously analyzed to detect any irregularities or deviations in the crops, including the presence of diseases, pests, or deficiencies in water and fertilizer supply. Data are then presented to farmers in a visually intuitive and comprehensible manner, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

«Multispectral analysis of these images will tell us many things. From vegetation health, to soil moisture, to pests presence. Coupled with the existing data on the farm’s production, this additional ‘x-ray’ capability enables us to provide farmers with even more accurate guidance and recommendations. This empowers them to make informed decisions on how to optimize their land cultivation practices, thereby minimizing waste and pollutants».

Massimo Morbiato, EZ Lab Blockchain Solutions CEO & Founder

SmartAgriSat benefits

SmartAgriSat is specifically tailored for farmers and agricultural consortia, providing a multitude of advantages that have the potential to revolutionize the agricultural landscape:

Improvement of productive efficiency

By analyzing satellite data, farmers can identify any problems in crops and take timely action

Reduction of environmental impact

Using satellite data to optimize resource use enables farmers to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

Improved supply chain and product traceability

Gathered data can track the origin of agricultural products, guaranteeing unparalleled levels of transparency and safety.

SmartAgriSat project partners

«We are incredibly honored to have been selected by ESA as one of the four approved and funded projects, and the only one from Italy among 80 projects from across Europe. Our aim is to leverage our expertise in blockchain technology and the remote sensing experience of our partner Archetipo to enter the rapidly expanding Space Technology sector. Our goal is to automate decision-making processes for agricultural entrepreneurs, leading to improved product quality, reduced pesticide usage, and minimized water wastage,” Morbiato explains. “By combining blockchain, precision farming, and space technologies, we are actively contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals».

Massimo Morbiato, EZ Lab Blockchain Solutions CEO & Founder
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EZ Lab utilizza i satelliti di ESA, l'agenzia spaziale europea, per l'agricoltura di precisione, entrando nel settore Space Tech con SmartAgriSat

EZ Lab for a greener future

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