Aim of Agri-Food Track

The traceability of agrifood products has become an increasingly important concern for consumers, who seek to have knowledge about the origin and history of the items they purchase. For companies in the industry, traceability represents an opportunity to enhance transparency and build consumer trust, streamline production processes, and lower expenses. In particular, consumers are showing more and more interest in products from sustainable and eco-friendly brands. All these new needs led to the development of Agri-Food Track.

Agri-Food Track solution

Agri-Food Track is the traceability solution for Made in Italy products. This platform facilitates a secure and transparent tracking of the complete agrifood supply chain, from the farm to the table. Agri-Food Track leverages blockchain technology to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of data. Details of each product are registered in a decentralized digital ledger that is both unchangeable and accessible to all participants within the supply chain.

Agri-Food Track fighting greenwashing

Thanks to Agri-Food Track, consumers can effortlessly scan the QR code on the product to access a comprehensive overview of the entire production chain and uncover the product’s history. This includes insights into environmental, social, and economic sustainability indicators, which adhere to the Single Sustainability Standard of the Wine Sector and the SQNPI, National Quality System for Integrated Production.

Benefits of Agri-Food Track

The Agri-Food Track platform provides a diverse array of features that establish it as a comprehensive solution for tracing Made in Italy products:

Data collection

The collection of all product data, from production to consumption, is automated.

Real-time traceability

The platform enables real-time traceability of products, from origin to destination.

Advanced reporting

The platform generates precise reports that analyze tracking data and consumer preferences.

Agri-Food Track case studies

Oleificio Pecci

2022 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend Pecci

Oleifico Pecci employed blockchain technology to track its 2022 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend Pecci, showcasing its origin, quality, and story behind the oil, infused with a deep passion for the territory.

Umberto Cesari

Vino Resultum 2015, Sangiovese Rubicone Igt

Umberto Cesari decided to showcase his dedication to producing top-notch wines while honoring the environment and tradition by introducing his Vino Resultum 2015, Sangiovese Rubicone IGT.

Agri-Food Track project partners

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Funding body

The project was developed as part of three specific calls for technological innovation by BI-REX – Big Data Innovation & Research Excellence, one of the eight national Centers of Competence established by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. These centers aim to facilitate the digital transformation of Italian companies following the National Industry 4.0 Plan.

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