The challenge of the agrifood sector with Agrotrust

The agribusiness supply chain lacks trust. In fact, companies in the agribusiness sector persist in making health benefits, sustainability, and authenticity claims on product labels without providing evidence to confused consumers, who subsequently choose alternative products. Additionally, modern consumers demand to check data through an engaging and quick experience to verify product origin, commitment to sustainability, compliance with standards, and food safety. This led to the ideation of Agrotrust.

Agrotrust builds trust through data

The Agrotrust platform draws inspiration from the Digital Twin paradigm, generating a digital replica of the product encompassing comprehensive data, including traceability and individual field activities. By leveraging blockchain traceability and digital labeling, the platform effectively demonstrates claims on product labels through transparent, secure, and unalterable data, ultimately gaining consumers’ trust.

AgroTrust for supply chain blockchain traceability

Agrifood traceability is the process that enables the reconstruction of a food product’s history, from its origin to its distribution. This process plays a crucial role in ensuring consumer food safety and also amplifying the value of quality products, particularly those labeled as “Made in Italy”. Therefore, by leveraging blockchain technology, supply chain data becomes transparent, secure, and immutable. This data can generate value for the company and the consumer through the digital label that encompasses not only the history of the product “From Farm to Fork”, but also all the information the brand wants to share with the consumer, such as:

  • product certifications;
  • sustainability data;
  • tourism and territorial projects.

Digital label and data-driven marketing

Through the digital label created with the data collected by AgroTrust, the consumer can directly verify what is stated on the label. On the other hand, through the data collected on the user experience, the company can learn more about its consumers and their preferences, thus improving marketing strategies.

Agrotrust project partners

Logo Fiware Innova iHub, partner Agrotrust

FIWARE Innova iHub is the only Digital Innovation Hub of the FIWARE network in Italy

Logo EZ Lab Blockchain Solutions

EZ Lab, technology provider for agribusiness traceability

Logo Image Line, partner Agrotrust

Image Line, Hi-Tech company for agriculture

Logo Noima Web Reputation

Noima, data analysis and cyber security agency

Logo Finapp

Finapp, provider of IoT devices for agriculture

Logo Riseria Campanini

Riseria Campanini, rice producers

Logo Coppo e Garrione

Coppo e Garrione Società Agricola, rice producers

i4Trust Programme

The Agrotrust platform was developed within the i4Trust program, to create an open, collaborative ecosystem for the development of innovative data-driven services. The project is funded by the European Union and promoted by:

Fiware Foundation is a European open source platform that promotes the digitization of business and public administration.

iSHARE is an open source framework that enables the creation of data sharing spaces (data spaces), promoting the interoperability of different sectors.

FoundingBox Accelerator is a major European organization that supports innovative projects and the growth of start-ups and SMEs.

Agrotrust, driven soution

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