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Circular economy and anti-greenwashing: the EU revolution starts with the Digital Product Passport.

This is the European Commission’s initiative to foster digital and circular transition according to the goals set by the Green Deal, particularly under the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation. Currently under development, the Digital Product Passport (DPP) is set to become a tool to promote more informed purchasing decisions and more sustainable production practices.

What is the Digital Product Passport?

More concretely, the Digital Product Passport is a tracking and data-sharing system based on cutting-edge technologies such as QR Code and blockchain. Depending on the product category, manufacturers may provide details including:

  • product durability, reusability, upgradeability and repairability,
  • energy and resource efficiency,
  • environmental impact,
  • manufacturing practices, 
  • other relevant information.

In terms of implementation, priority will be given to high-impact products, including textiles (especially garments and footwear), furniture (including mattresses), iron and steel, aluminum, tires, paints, lubricants, and chemicals (such as cosmetics), as well as energy-related (air conditioners and boilers) and ICT products.

Why is it such a relevant asset?

One of the main objective of the DPP is to encourage supply chain transparency and sustainability. As a result, this tool will be valuable not only for consumers and companies, but also for customs and market surveillance authorities. By utilizing it, consumers will be able to access reliable and verified information on the products they wish to purchase, enabling them to prioritize products with minimal environmental impact and a higher level of social responsibility.

On the corporate side, the Digital Product Passport will also offer several opportunities, including proved commitment to transparency and sustainability, increasing consumer trust in the brand. It will also provide valuable data on consumer preferences, which can be used to improve production processes and meet market needs.

EZ Lab’s Digital Product Passport by Made in Block

EZ Lab’s Digital Product Passport powered with AI enables data collection of any Made in Italy product, integrating existing business solutions while preserving the activities of operators.

Our Made in Block platform facilitates the storage and retrieval of product information, including details about authenticity, origin, certification, sustainability, company history, and territory. Consequently, a new and interactive communication channel is established, allowing consumers to enjoy a unique experience extending beyond the lifespan of the product.

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