Towards the Digital Product Passport (DPP) with the first digital label powered by artificial intelligence and blòckchain

EZ Lab and Monnalisa break new ground in digital product labeling by introducing the first digital label powered by artificial intelligence.


EZ Lab’s digital product labeling introduces an innovative approach, enabling direct consumer interaction through natural language. This breakthrough empowers consumers to access comprehensive information encompassing sustainability, traceability, origin, and company history. The solution fosters transparency between consumers and brands, aligning seamlessly with the impending EU regulations mandating the use of digital product passports.

“The digital product passport is a new tool that will be made mandatory by the European Union, revolutionizing communication and trust between brands and consumers,” explains Massimo Morbiato, CEO, and founder of EZ Lab. “EZ Lab is preparing with its digital labels integrated with artificial intelligence”.

The digital product label created by EZ Lab is accessible simply by scanning a QR code or NFC tag or through AR: the user will have access, directly on their smartphone through EZ Lab’s Made in Block™ platform, to all product information such as authenticity, origin, certification, company history, and the territory of origin, generated in real-time by a generative artificial intelligence system.

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